Shat Chakra Bhedana


We would like to invite you for online course on Shat Chakra Yoga - a practice from the Siddhas tradition. The techniques that were kept in secret and not open to public for a long time, now we are revealing slowly by an experienced Yogi Guru Mahadev Mrityunjaya, who will be guiding you throughout this course.


Shat Chakra Bhedana (piercing of the six centers) is the Technique meant to purify and boost up both roots and kshetrams (which is drawn as lotuses of Chakras) of the 6 centers of energy transformation. 


Here is the list of qualities for which Chakra channels are responsible for and on which you will be working out with the Yogi:


Muladhara - 4 petals:

1. Power 2. Agility 3. Steadiness 4. Endurance.


Svadhisthana - 6 petals:

1. Beauty 2. Charm 3. Contact ability 4. Voluptuousness 5. Idealization 6. Youth.


Manipura - 10 petals:

1. Generosity 2. Imperiousness 3. Nobility 4. Heroism 5. Alertness 6. Smartness 7. Perseverance 8. Extreme focus 9. Activity 10. Discrimination.


Anahata - 12 petals:

1. Empathy 2. Purity 3. Serenity 4. Forgiveness

5. Selflessness 6. Sincerity 7. Open-mindedness 8.Tolerance          9. Love 10. Kindness 11. Discipline 12. Devotion.


Vishudha - 16 petals:

1. Inspiration 2. Exaltation 3. Elevation 4. Harmony 5. Aestheticism 6. Romanticism 7. Intuition 8. Intellectualism 9. Eloquence 10. Diplomacy 11. Inclusiveness 12. Lyricism 13. Reverie 14. Creativity 15. Elegance 16. Artistry.


Ajna - 2 petals and a center represent 3 Gunas (modes of material nature).

Tamas - Ignorance

Rajas  - Passion

Sattva - Goodness


This is the meeting point of the three mains channels: 

Ida - Chitta (consciousness) female aspect.

Pingala - Prana (energy) male aspect.

Sushumna - Atma (soul).


During the course you'll be taught main points from yoga anatomy, the subtle channels Chakras and their locations and principles of work.


Note: not the medical anatomy of the physical body which is wrongly given today under the name of "yoga anatomy".

You'll be given Pranayama (breathing techniques), Bandhas (energy locks), Drishti (concentration techniques) and some methods for working out energies in the Chakras.



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