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Dmytro, Ukraine

At that very moment when I was very tired to content myself with yoga theory, Yogi Mahadev Mrityunjaya appeared in my life and showed me that yoga is an alive discipline and can be also practiced nowadays. And more than that it can be practiced successfully. The opportunity to develop my own self in yoga with a person whose life is the path bringing to liberation is the greatest luck. It is my considered opinion that Yogi Mahadev is just the very personality  who can lead one to the highest success. It is impossible to describe Mahadev's qualities and pastimes since all his life extends in the sphere over any material words. It can be indestood only through the direct experience of interaction at the level of immersion in practice. I am grateful to providence for getting the opportunity to get through such experience and I wish you to touch it as well!

I had attended only a few classes with mahadev ji over the course. The classes that I attended was really a surreal experience for me. Be it yoga or meditation he seems to know what needs to be done and how to teach the layman. He was polite and patient  in answering all our queries irrespective or the number of times we asked. His meditation sessions were really peaceful. Not just meditating but he took time to explain all about the chakras balancing them and activating them and also the relation between them. These were insightful sessions we had.

Suraj kiran, Chennai

After being with nature most of my life and trying to understand its secrets, i wanted to understand deeper hence i picked up many spiritual books and texts written by the great Yogis like Adi Shankaracharya, Pathanjali Maharishi, Thirumoolar,Swami Vivekananda, Yogananada Paramahamsa and many greats, i came to realize that only reading spiritual texts is not enough anymore but reading these texts gave me the main push to meeting the extraordinary YOGI called Mahadev Mrityunjaya Ji, who has transformed me from a being a lazy soul who gave up many things jus to rebel against nature, but Yogi Mahadev ji has redirected my focus onto nature like never before that gave me true mystical experiences about life's deepest and toughest questions like eg: what life is and its purpose &  by practicing what he had taught me, it not only transformed my life but gave me opportunity to serve and elevate others in the process, which i found to be my purpose.

Amaresh, Chennai

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