If you sign up for yoga classes because you want a thin body or the ability to master a handstand then you are undermining the value of the practice. If you pursue yoga for the health benefits then you will certainly feel better with regular sessions. But without the spiritual perspective, yoga is simply a stretch class, a gym session, or a space for relaxation. At Atma Marg, Guru Mahadev's purpose is to transcend the physical aspect of yoga practice and enhance it with the spiritual methodologies we require to get in touch with who we really are. 

If you are serious about making Yoga an integral part of your life, and looking for guidance regarding the same, get in touch with us immediately. 

Margams or Methods Provided:-

  • Shat-karmas are techniques meant to purify one's physical body of different contamination's to balance the 3 dosha's and main energy channels.

  • Bandhas are muscle locking techniques to harness and redirect the flow of energies from certain parts of the body, to other areas that might have blockages or greater energy requirements.

  • Pranayamas are breath control techniques meant to expand one's subtle energy channels to clean the subtle impurities and mental blocks to increase the volume and speed of the energy flow through the system.

  • Marma vidya- The art of releasing the energy blockages in specific junctions of the body where 2 or more tissues, ligaments, nerves, bones or joints meet.

  • Shat-chakra Bhedhana (Piercing the 6 centers of energy transformation) are techniques to work out & achieve higher control of elements within oneself which are the cause of our externalities.

  • And many other techniques to suite all kinds of temperaments and requirements of the soul.
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