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The ancient roots of knowledge

Marma Vidya is a huge area of knowledge and very ancient that has existed for more than one millennium. One of the first mentions of marmas is found in the Rig Veda 1500 - 1200 BCE. Marma Vidya had a great influence on the development of South Indian martial arts, yoga, Vastu, astrology, and Ayurveda. Traditionally, the Ayurvedic school of marmas belonging to Sushruta has survived to this day. It differs from the marmas used in Kalari Payattu, a South Indian school of martial art. Sushruta explained the marmas in detail in his Samhita. After this, works by other authors appeared, such as "Marma Rahasyangal" and "Marmanidanam". All of these books address the location of marmas; each vital point is given a name, number, location, size, classification, signs of direct and complete damage, lifetime after such damage, and symptoms with weak damage to the point.


There is also a school of marmas, which was transmitted in the families of hereditary Ayurvedic doctors. This school uses the science and technology of marmas to understand how the mind works, to cure diseases and transformation. In practice, this method is used to access the subconscious level of the mind (buddhi), using a special technique of pressing certain secret parts of the body. Our consciousness (manas) largely depends on what is stored in our subconscious, which is programmed by our parents, teachers, experience, environment, culture, education, etc. 

This “program” shapes the state of our mind and actions. In order to change this state and improve the quality of the mind, you need to change the “program”. 

The benefits you can expect from Live Marma Therapy Course:


  • Boosts Self-confidence, releases stress, anxiety, depression, and various other nervous problems. 

  • Restoration of mobility and memory after injuries and serious illnesses

  •  Normalizing sleep and reducing the time required for the organism to restore

  • Normalizing the heart rate, curing chronic diseases Correction of spine and posture, eliminating joint and back pains Correcting the length of left and right limbs, enhancing the height

  • Balancing the body proportions, powering up the senses of eyesight, smell, taste, hearing.

  • Reducing and fully stopping headaches Restoring reproductive functions of males and females.

  • Restoring monthly cycles for women Increases Performance in all activities

  • Enhances appetite and normalizes digestion


Finally, you will experience complete physical freedom of all nerves and muscles which leads to mental freedom, allowing clarity of thoughts, through which emotional balance is achieved.

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